THE L E G E N D, watchful, waits alone
Within his tower of cold grey stone
And tabulates in his devious way
What mystical caches you've found today.

He's tall and thin, with wrinkled skin,
A tangled beard hangs from his chin,
His cheeks are gaunt, his eyes set deep,
He scarcely eats, he needs no sleep...

The L E G E N D series consists of 623 Letterbox Hybrid geocaches in the North West of England. There's not a micro amongst them and the terrain is varied. Proper caching!

To find out more about these L E G E N D A R Y geocaches, select a section from the list on the left or alternatively, select a section from a map.

A tool to track your progress through the series, generate statistics and show you which caches you haven't yet found will be made available soon. Watch this space!